Importance of Citation and Referencing

Importance of Citation and Referencing

There is no way that you can write an accurate academic paper without including proper citation as well as references. In other words, you cannot ignore the importance of citation and referencing and yet expect to score a good grade. To start with, citing and referencing helps one to combat plagiarism. It is good to note that one of the serious academic offences that you can ever make as a student is plagiarism. Basically, plagiarism can be understood as the act of passing along other people’s work or ideas as if they were your own. It is a form of academic dishonesty which violates academic writing ethics. As a rule of thumb, you are supposed to give credit to the authors of the different sources of information that you decide to use in your work. This then means that citation and referencing is important as it not only shows that you respect intellectual property but also indicates that indeed you researched on the given topic under study.

Moreover, importance of citation and referencing is in the sense that it helps one to include evidence in his/her academic paper. It is important to note that when writing an academic paper you are supposed to provide verifiable facts to support your argument. This is to say that a good academic paper should not be based on mere speculation or hearsay. On the contrary, it must be supported by concrete evidence. One of the sources of such evidence is scholarly work of other authors who have conducted empirical studies and published their findings.

Additionally, importance of citation and referencing is manifested in the fact that it helps the reader to track down your source of evidence. Stated differently, it becomes very easy for one to track down the various materials that you have used to support your argument.  Most importantly, citation and referencing is important as it boosts the credibility of your work. As a matter of fact, an academic paper that is properly referenced is considered to be quite authoritative as compared to one that lacks such references. It is however worth to note that referencing and citing is effective when done accurately. There are numerous styles that are used to properly cite and reference an academic paper. It is therefore your prerogative as a student to make a deliberate effort to understand the specific referencing style that you ought to use before you can commence the process of working on an academic paper.

Citation and Referencing Guide

During the course of your study, you are most likely going to write numerous papers. You will need to cite and reference most of your papers. The only time when you may not cite and reference your papers is if they fall under creative writing category. There are different types of writing styles that you can use when citing and referencing your paper. It is nonetheless worth to point out that you must always strictly follow the recommended citation and referencing guide. Regrettably, most students seem not to understand the best way to cite their paper. Specifically, a good number of students cannot tell when to cite a paper. There are a number of situations when you must be sure to cite your paper as highlighted below.

To start with, you must always cite statistics derived from other sources. You ought to acknowledge the source from which you have drawn the specific figure. Secondly, you must cite all ideas that are not common knowledge. This means that, if you make a claim that others can dispute as it is not generally accepted to be factual, then you should be sure to cite it. Additionally, you must fully and correctly cite all the information that you have paraphrased from other sources. Paraphrasing is therefore not supposed to be used as a substitute for citing. Is there something that you do not fully understand about citing and referencing? If yes, then it is probably best for you to order for our citation and referencing help. We are ready to use any writing style that you might request us to use when citing your academic paper.

Remarkably, it is always important to ensure that each of the body paragraphs of your paper has at least one citation. Doing this is important as it helps one to avoid plagiarism. It is however good to clarify that it is not always necessary to include citations in the concluding paragraph. This is because this paragraph normally contains information that can be found elsewhere in the paper. Are you finding it difficult to follow the citation and referencing guide that your teacher has provided you with? If yes, then it might interest you to know that we can help you. We are willing to assist you in correctly and fully citing your paper. Moreover, we will help you in creating a well-organized list of references. There is therefore a lot that you stand to gain should you allow us to assist you.