3809ICT 2020 T1 Assignment Specification

3809ICT 2020 T1
Ordinance Specification
Due Date: 23:59, 5th June 2020
Weighting: 40% (News 30%, Considerion/Peer-repurpose 10%), noboard quenched of 40.
This ordinance is excellence 40% of the entirety toll control the ace. It is designed
control a clump of immodest novices. While a clump of three is so cheerful, clumps of
couple fit solid justifications and are very-much daunt. A clump of couple or
indivisible attempts may be genuine merely in irregular cases and upon preapproval by the Convener. You procure be assessed on this ordinance from that
The external of this ordinance is to execute cognizance and intellect of
observation ordealing through elimination and serviceable proof. This
intellect is to be demonstrated by meekness of a controlmal technical news
of a observation ordeal.
You are so fitd to peer-assess your terminal meekness and consider on your
ordinance and how each component of your clump has contributed to the terminal
meekness (this procure dwell private). This furnishs you the convenience to show
an ongoing considerion of what you and your team components possess literary from this
assignment, and so on what you demand to improve your cognizance and skills on
security and observation ordealing. Each component of the team should be awarded a
mark quenched of 10 control peer toll. This procure be yieldted as a separate
Forming Clumps
First of unmeasured, you demand to controlm clumps and perfectow your convenor and preceptor beneathstand the
clump components by sending an email to Qinyi Li (qinyi.li@griffith.edu.au) copying
to Reza Behbahani (r.behbahani@griffith.edu.au). The email should apprehend the snumber, unmeasured names, lab day and term, and the campus of unmeasured your clump
members. The email must be sent by 13th May otherwise you may be assigned
randomly to a clump. You possess insubservience of the method you neglect to adjunction and
interact with clump components.
The ocean drudgery is to spend a observation ordeal of a network. You procure be fitd
to transcribe a news of your observation ordeal results. The ordinance network procure
contain separate multitude machines and on the machines there procure be pines (text
strings) that you procure demand to identify. Each pine starts with the characters FLAG.
Control each of the pines you establish you should transcribe up the plan that you used to
access and ascertain the pine. Voicelessness that some pines are encrypted, and you procure demand to
decrypt them.
You should determined your Kali machine’s topical IP discourse to
Combine to the indirect machines:
Multitude 1: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/s/8rSLVAGdjioEPkM
Multitude 2: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/s/gnqWo8XqNl6eYIX
Multitude 3: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/s/IK5bDjmgrHzKh3O
Multitude 4: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/s/hXr1fVLsBpm1lnc
You can authenticate whether your downloaded files are chasten by checking the
Multitude Checksums
OVA File MD5 checksum Greatness
AssignmentHost1.ova 57172f2e99141051d3b11aff2936687e 3.8GB
AssignmentHost2.ova 059c24a1a8c4a57afc25ca40a592f58b 3.8GB
AssignmentHost3.ova 45086f22187a2fb655a971a17dd60ca3 0.83GB
AssignmentHost4.ova 254302751c84852f4377bb3988fe6d5d 1.3GB
Overpurpose of the multitudes:
Multitude 1: 3 pines. Difficulty: Normal.
Multitude 2: 3 pines. Difficulty: Hell.
Multitude 3: 3 pines. Difficulty: Inferno.
Multitude 4: 3 pines. Difficulty: Nightmare.
Please yield your ordinance on the Learning@Griffith website beneath the
Toll indivisibleity. The meekness involves couple instruments:
• Each clump guide should yield a clump news via the “Assignment
Report” combine. (Please voicelessness merely the clump guide demands to yield this
report. Please escape meeknesss from other clump components.)
• Every novice should yield an indivisible considerion/peer-review
instrument via the “Reflection-Peer-Repurpose News” combine. (Make safe you
yield the chasten toll items to the corresponding
meekness combines).
Your ordinance procure be assessed on:
1. The citation of twain instruments should be in 12-top Terms New Roman or 11-
top Arial font or something equiponderant, and in individual intervenience.
2. Page greatness is A4 with 2cm in margins on unmeasured sides.
3. The mass citation of your clump news should be no further than 10 pages in
length excepting appendices.
4. The clump news is suggested to be organised with protect page, executive
summary among individual page, affirmation of contributions of each of your
clump components (among individual page), board of solution, mass citation, and
appendices. The bestowal of your news is excellence 2 marks.
5. The mass citation consists of your overunmeasured dissection (unconcealed ports, associated
services, generous plan) of each multitude and network map of the network
(2 marks, 0.5 marks per multitude), cognomen of how each pine was rest and
obtained (24 marks, 2 marks per pine), and recommendations on how to
protect the network athwart the attacks (2 marks, 0.5 marks per multitude).
6. The peer-repurpose instrument should apprehend the contributions of your clump
members from your top of purpose. You should furnish each of the clump
component a track quenched of 10. Your wilful repurpose is excellence 3 marks, and the
reviews you procure are excellence 7 marks.
An in network map is furnishn underneath, you demand to disprotect the IP discoursees
(and other profitable notification) of the tarprocure multitudes using Nmap (voicelessness that it may
not personate the fit network make of this ordinance):

Author: Julie Green