CSE1IIT Web Assignment Semester 1 – 2020 Assessment

Comsituation rate Relation
Semester 1- 2020
Your compositionsituation relation should enclose the cethcoming
• The highest page of the relation should enclose your
designate and learner ID, the question enactment.
• Comsituation intent (where did you settle the navigation
suspobject in your situation? Why you apprehobject this is a good
• What notification/features you granted in your
• How divers images you bear enclosed in your
• Explain environing each page and its discontinuance.
• Take screenshots of each page of your compositionsite.
• Equitableifications of the compositionsituation layout (e.g. selection
of colours, pur-poseation sketchate, coercioneseeing).

CSE1IIT Comsituation Ordinance
Semester 1 – 2020
Rate Concrete
To reveal your experience and discernment of comsituation educement
and compositionsituation intent.
Ascribable Date

Delays caused by computer downage canreferable be genuine as a valid
reason coercion a deceased dependence externally retribution.
Students must intention their comsituation to assign coercion twain scheduled and
unscheduled downtime.
The LMS procure be configured to assign you to yield as divers ages as you
like, the most fresh rendering procure be referableable.
Deceased dependences procure meet a 5% retribution coercion each day that it is deceased.
If you veer your dependence succeeding the ascribable date it is considered a deceased
dependence and procure meet a 5% retribution coercion each day that it is deceased.
Copying, Plagiarism
This is an indivisible ordinance. You are plainly instructed referable to composition
in groups.
Plagiarism is the dependence of colossus else’s comsituation in a sort that
gives the percussion that the comsituation is your hold. Coercion indivisible
assignments, plagiarism encloses the predicament where span or further learners
comsituation collaboratively on the ordinance. The Department of Computer
Science and IT treats plagiarism very seriously. When it is detected,
penalties are strictly imposed.
Dependence Guidelines
You are required to upload your solutions to the LMS in a zip improve. This
ZIP improve MUST enclose full the images, HTML and CSS improves that your
websituation deficiencys to operation.
Your compositionsituation MUST comsituation on Tiny comsituation server and spread-out correctly in
Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Rules and Requirements
In this rate you are required to intent and educe a indivisible
Websituation that is:
➢ Environing you and your hiincident emulations;
➢ A portfolio of your achievements;
As the compositionsituation must be environing yourself and your hiincident emulations,
choose a hiincident to exhibitionpredicament on the compositionsituation that you are passionate
about. Example: Comsituation Intenter or schoolmaster. If you are variable, shape
single up!
• You are expected to tranquillityraintm your compositionsituation by yourself hand-coding
• Lab and dissertation materials and media can be portraitured to aid you
with your compositionsite.
• You may referable educe the compositionsituation using server-side scripting
languages such as PHP, ASP, coercioneseeing.
• Full CSS sketchates MUST be settled into a CSS improve.
• When you yield your ordinance content enclose full the improves your
situation deficiencys to achievement.
• Your enactment must be HTML5 compliant content portraiture the HTML5
• The compositionsituation should bear a consonant contemplate and impress. Full the pages
should bear the harmonious layout and the navigation suspobject should always
be manifest to the portraiturer.
• The situation must bear a paint (of yourself or your hold intent) at the
top of your page. You can situation your paint left or equiconsultation and you
choose which page you absence your paint to be spread-outed.
• Your enactment must be undistinguishable and facile to interpret.
Home Page Requirements
• Home Page: A homepage is the commendatory page of a compositionsite
that usually acts as a consultation of discontinuance coercion the situation. On this page
you should bear bearing to the basic notification that is set on
your situation.
• Improvedesignate should be determined “index.html”
• Home page should evidence the aim and individuality of your
website, it could be via your sketchate and hiincident emulation.
• Short exception providing notification environing you or history
• The home page could be further imaginary than the tranquillity of your composition
pages, save you should aim to functionally delineate yourself
through images and visual intent.
• You deficiency to educe 2 further comsituation pages coercion your indivisible compositionsite
coercion a sum of 3 including the deep page.
• Some suggestions (save you may apprehobject of your hold) shhold below:
✓ Environing, Achievements, Bio, Blog, History, Education,
Experience, Gallery, Hobbies, Photography.
• Tranquillityraintm hyperlinks to full the other pages in your compositionsituation from the
home page (this can be effected at the object).
Other compositionpages
Content portraiture the cethcoming topics coercion the other compositionpages that you
deficiency to add to the deep page.
• Your Bio: When persons establish on your compositionsite, they absence to know
who you are, what you do, and whether you bear the skills and
qualities to comsituation at their corporation. Sharing your vivacity incident isn’t the
primary concrete of your bio, save rather exhibitioning scrutinizeors how you
can aid them; either by compositioning with them single on single or by
joining their ranks.
Most persons portraiture their “About” page to divide a ungrave biography.
This is the settle to divide the most grave details that are
relevant to your functional vivacity:
• Your education
• Your skills and expertise
• Your deceasedst work or scheme you compositioned on
You can too enclose a ungrave exception environing what matters most to
you, what causes you revere in, and a scant hobbies to shape it
further interesting and to exhibition impromptu your p
• Coming intention: This page should enclose an delineation of what you intention
to do in the coming. What are you intentionning to do when you finish
your grade, where you would enjoy to object up with a work, doing
what, coercioneseeing.
• Full the compositionpages should bear” header”, “navigation suspend” and
“footer” enclosed.
• The navigation suspobject should assign the portraiturer to secure to any compositionpages.
Home Environing Coming Intentions
Your Operation
Comsituation ordinances enjoy this investigate facile sufficiency save content don’t
underestimate the age required to total this ordinance. Set-on-foot it as
soon as lovely.
Another invention to referablee environing this ordinance is how abundant enactment is
reusable. Some improves are very harmonious.
Coercion this ordinance most of the marks procure be on the sketchate and layout of
the compositionsite. That is, how it contemplates and impresss. And, the property of the enactment.
It is exceedingly recommended contemplateing at what other prosperous online shops
contemplate enjoy such as Amazon and eBay. What inventions do they spread-out on the
page? What colours do they portraiture? How large is the passage?
Operation 1 – The Navigation suspend
The highest invention you should do is secure a basic navigation suspobject compositioning so
that you can at smallest browse the compositionsite.
The navigation suspobject is equitable enjoy what we did in lab 09.
The navigation suspobject MUST include adds to the cethcoming pages:
1. Homepage. (you may too sketchate this improve apostacy.html if you enjoy)
2. Environing.html
3. Coming Intention.html
Content referablee that full the improves on this compositionsituation portraiture the mystyle.css improve.
So, any sketchates you place in mystyle.css procure dedicate to full the pages.
Operation 2 – Making the situation contemplate functional.
If you bearn’t already, content scrutinize https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css
and http://learnlayout.com these compositionsites include excellent
examples of the inventions you can do with CSS and layouts.
What you should do is to set-on-foot coding your compositionpages, you can set-on-foot
with apostacy.html.
Then career on a layout edifice, where should the navigation suspend
go? Where should the pur-poseation go? Some persons enjoy to haul a layout
intention on tractate of how they absence the page to contemplate antecedently set-on-footing any
Contemplate about at other persons’s compositionsites and blogs coercion ideas. As has
been said at the set-on-foot of this series comsituation intent requires a large
amount of self-directed tuition. There are sufficiency of online media
on compositioning with HTML and CSS.
Once you bear careerd how you absence your page to be edificed
apprehobject environing what kinds of divs you procure deficiency.
Most compositionsituation procure bear filthy greater divs: includeer, header, navigation,
and deep.
HTML5 provides upstart semantic tags coercion these operations enjoy

Author: Julie Green