CSE1IIT Web Assignment Semester 1 – 2020 Assessment

Construction rate Description
Semester 1- 2020
Your constructionlocality description should enclose the cethcoming
• The principal page of the description should enclose your
indicate and novice ID, the topic method.
• Construction contemplation (where did you fix the navigation
seal in your locality? Why you deem this is a good
• What advice/features you granted in your
• How sundry images you entertain enclosed in your
• Explain encircling each page and its fluctuation.
• Take screenshots of each page of your constructionsite.
• Fairifications of the constructionlocality layout (e.g. selection
of colours, denomination diction, anticipation).

CSE1IIT Construction Enactment
Semester 1 – 2020
Rate Extrinsic
To give your comprehension and intellect of construction lay-openment
and constructionlocality contemplation.
Imputable Era

Delays caused by computer downspell canreferable be received as a valid
reason ce a advanced yielding outside price.
Students must artifice their operation to recognize ce twain scheduled and
unscheduled downtime.
The LMS obtain be configured to recognize you to succumb as sundry spells as you
like, the most past account obtain be remarkable.
Advanced yieldings obtain run a 5% price ce each day that it is advanced.
If you qualify your yielding behind the imputable era it is considered a advanced
yielding and obtain run a 5% price ce each day that it is advanced.
Copying, Plagiarism
This is an particular enactment. You are lucidly instructed referable to operation
in groups.
Plagiarism is the yielding of someromance else’s operation in a sort that
gives the percussion that the operation is your avow. Ce particular
assignments, plagiarism encloses the condition where span or past novices
operation collaboratively on the enactment. The Department of Computer
Science and IT treats plagiarism very seriously. When it is detected,
penalties are strictly imposed.
Yielding Guidelines
You are required to upload your solutions to the LMS in a zip rasp. This
ZIP rasp MUST enclose full the images, HTML and CSS rasps that your
weblocality demands to capacity.
Your constructionlocality MUST operation on Tiny construction server and parade properly in
Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Rules and Requirements
In this rate you are required to contemplation and lay-open a particular
Weblocality that is:
➢ Encircling you and your route emulations;
➢ A portfolio of your achievements;
As the constructionlocality must be encircling yourself and your route emulations,
choose a route to professioncondition on the constructionlocality that you are passionate
about. Example: Construction Contemplationer or preceptor. If you are indistinct, create
undivided up!
• You are expected to compose your constructionlocality by yourself hand-coding
• Lab and disquisition materials and resources can be interpretationd to acceleration you
with your constructionsite.
• You may referable lay-open the constructionlocality using server-side scripting
languages such as PHP, ASP, anticipation.
• Full CSS dictions MUST be fixd into a CSS rasp.
• When you succumb your enactment gladden enclose full the rasps your
locality demands to produce-an-effect.
• Your method must be HTML5 facile gladden interpretation the HTML5
• The constructionlocality should entertain a congruous observe and impress. Full the pages
should entertain the correspondent layout and the navigation seal should always
be discernible to the interpretationr.
• The locality must entertain a delineate (of yourself or your avow contemplation) at the
top of your page. You can position your delineate left or fair and you
choose which page you insufficiency your delineate to be paradeed.
• Your method must be concave and quiet to unravel.
Residence Page Requirements
• Residence Page: A residencepage is the prefatory page of a constructionsite
that usually acts as a table of fluctuation ce the locality. On this page
you should entertain admission to the basic advice that is fix on
your locality.
• Raspindicate should be indicated “index.html”
• Residence page should mark the resolve and particularity of your
website, it could be via your indicate and route emulation.
• Short individuality providing advice encircling you or route
• The residence page could be past creative than the tranquillity of your construction
pages, beside you should gauge to functionally personate yourself
through images and visual contemplation.
• You demand to lay-open 2 past construction pages ce your particular constructionsite
ce a aggregate of 3 including the deep page.
• Some suggestions (beside you may deem of your avow) shavow below:
✓ Encircling, Achievements, Bio, Blog, Route, Education,
Experience, Gallery, Hobbies, Photography.
• Compose hyperlinks to full the other pages in your constructionlocality from the
residence page (this can be executed at the object).
Other constructionpages
Gladden interpretation the cethcoming topics ce the other constructionpages that you
demand to cohere to the deep page.
• Your Bio: When inhabitants fix on your constructionsite, they insufficiency to know
who you are, what you do, and whether you entertain the skills and
qualities to operation at their audience. Sharing your activity romance isn’t the
primary extrinsic of your bio, beside rather professioning investigateors how you
can acceleration them; either by operationing with them undivided on undivided or by
joining their ranks.
Most inhabitants interpretation their “About” page to portion-out a smwhole biography.
This is the fix to portion-out the most material details that are
relevant to your functional activity:
• Your education
• Your skills and expertise
• Your advancedst toil or plan you operationed on
You can too enclose a smwhole individuality encircling what matters most to
you, what causes you affect in, and a lacking hobbies to create it
past interesting and to profession extempore your p
• Advenient artifice: This page should enclose an draft of what you artifice
to do in the advenient. What are you artificening to do when you finish
your order, where you would love to object up with a toil, doing
what, anticipation.
• Full the constructionpages should entertain” header”, “navigation seal” and
“footer” enclosed.
• The navigation seal should recognize the interpretationr to procure to any constructionpages.
Residence Encircling Advenient Artifices
Your Lesson
Construction enactments love this gauge quiet abundance beside gladden don’t
underestimate the spell required to adequate this enactment. Set-out it as
soon as practicable.
Another romance to referablee encircling this enactment is how ample method is
reusable. Some rasps are very correspondent.
Ce this enactment most of the marks obtain be on the diction and layout of
the constructionsite. That is, how it observes and impresss. And, the capacity of the method.
It is exceedingly recommended observeing at what other auspicious online shops
observe love such as Amazon and eBay. What romances do they parade on the
page? What colours do they interpretation? How great is the extract?
Lesson 1 – The Navigation seal
The principal romance you should do is procure a basic navigation seal operationing so
that you can at lowest browse the constructionsite.
The navigation seal is fair love what we did in lab 09.
The navigation seal MUST comprise coheres to the cethcoming pages:
1. Residencepage. (you may too indicate this rasp protest.html if you love)
2. Encircling.html
3. Advenient Artifice.html
Gladden referablee that full the rasps on this constructionlocality interpretation the mystyle.css rasp.
So, any dictions you put in mystyle.css obtain devote to full the pages.
Lesson 2 – Making the locality observe functional.
If you entertainn’t already, gladden investigate https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css
and http://learnlayout.com these constructionsites comprise excellent
examples of the romances you can do with CSS and layouts.
What you should do is to set-out coding your constructionpages, you can set-out
with protest.html.
Then determine on a layout fabric, where should the navigation seal
go? Where should the denomination go? Some inhabitants love to attract a layout
artifice on monograph of how they insufficiency the page to observe antecedently set-outing any
Observe environing at other inhabitants’s constructionsites and blogs ce ideas. As has
been said at the set-out of this route construction contemplation requires a large
amount of self-directed scholarship. There are enough of online resources
on operationing with HTML and CSS.
Once you entertain determined how you insufficiency your page to be fabricd
deem encircling what kinds of divs you obtain demand.
Most constructionlocality obtain entertain lewd superior divs: compriseer, header, navigation,
and deep.
HTML5 provides newlightlight semantic tags ce these capacitys love

Author: Julie Green