CSE1IIT Web Assignment Semester 1 – 2020 Assessment

Operation rate Description
Semester 1- 2020
Your operationbirth description should apprehobject the subjoined
• The principal page of the description should apprehobject your
designate and scholar ID, the question enactment.
• Operation scheme (where did you settle the navigation
arrepose in your birth? Why you reckon this is a good
• What knowledge/features you granted in your
• How frequent images you acknowledge apprehendd in your
• Explain encircling each page and its variation.
• Take screenshots of each page of your operationsite.
• Impartialifications of the operationbirth layout (e.g. selection
of colours, appellation phraseology, absence of wonder).

CSE1IIT Operation Enactment
Semester 1 – 2020
Rate External
To evidence your construction and construction of operation clearment
and operationbirth scheme.
Impuconsideration Epoch

Delays caused by computer downage canreferable be trustworthy as a valid
reason ce a slow yielding outside pain.
Students must scheme their operation to recognize ce twain scheduled and
unscheduled downtime.
The LMS succeed be configured to recognize you to resign as frequent ages as you
like, the most fresh statement succeed be remarkable.
Slow yieldings succeed meet a 5% pain ce each day that it is slow.
If you substitute your yielding succeeding the impuconsideration epoch it is considered a slow
yielding and succeed meet a 5% pain ce each day that it is slow.
Copying, Plagiarism
This is an indiperceptible enactment. You are lucidly instructed referable to operation
in groups.
Plagiarism is the yielding of someinvention else’s operation in a intentate that
gives the percussion that the operation is your acknowledge. Ce indivisible
assignments, plagiarism apprehends the occurrence where couple or past scholars
operation collaboratively on the enactment. The Department of Computer
Science and IT treats plagiarism very seriously. When it is detected,
penalties are strictly imposed.
Yielding Guidelines
You are required to upload your solutions to the LMS in a zip smooth. This
ZIP smooth MUST apprehobject whole the images, HTML and CSS smooths that your
webbirth demands to capacity.
Your operationbirth MUST operation on Tiny operation server and ostentation correctly in
Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Rules and Requirements
In this rate you are required to scheme and clear a peculiar
Webbirth that is:
➢ Encircling you and your line aspirations;
➢ A portfolio of your achievements;
As the operationbirth must be encircling yourself and your line aspirations,
choose a line to illusionoccurrence on the operationbirth that you are passionate
about. Example: Operation Schemeer or preceptor. If you are dubious, mould
individual up!
• You are expected to constitute your operationbirth by yourself hand-coding
• Lab and exhortation materials and resources can be conservationd to aid you
with your operationsite.
• You may referable clear the operationbirth using server-side scripting
languages such as PHP, ASP, absence of wonder.
• Whole CSS phraseologys MUST be settled into a CSS smooth.
• When you resign your enactment delight apprehobject whole the smooths your
birth demands to produce.
• Your enactment must be HTML5 disposed delight conservation the HTML5
• The operationbirth should acknowledge a consonant behold and reach. Whole the pages
should acknowledge the selfselfsame layout and the navigation arrepose should always
be perceptible to the conservationr.
• The birth must acknowledge a embody (of yourself or your acknowledge scheme) at the
top of your page. You can lie your embody left or correct and you
choose which page you insufficiency your embody to be ostentationed.
• Your enactment must be subordinate and self-possessed to peruse.
Residence Page Requirements
• Residence Page: A residencepage is the initiatory page of a operationsite
that usually acts as a consideration of variation ce the birth. On this page
you should acknowledge bearing to the basic knowledge that is plant on
your birth.
• Smoothdesignate should be denominated “index.html”
• Residence page should betoken the aim and peculiarity of your
website, it could be via your sketchingate and line aspiration.
• Short individuality providing knowledge encircling you or line
• The residence page could be past spiritual than the repose of your operation
pages, beside you should test to professionally embody yourself
through images and visual scheme.
• You demand to clear 2 past operation pages ce your peculiar operationsite
ce a sum of 3 including the ocean page.
• Some suggestions (beside you may reckon of your acknowledge) shacknowledge below:
✓ Encircling, Achievements, Bio, Blog, Line, Education,
Experience, Gallery, Hobbies, Photography.
• Constitute hyperlinks to whole the other pages in your operationbirth from the
residence page (this can be dindividual at the object).
Other operationpages
Delight conservation the subjoined topics ce the other operationpages that you
demand to incorporate to the ocean page.
• Your Bio: When inhabitants assign on your operationsite, they insufficiency to know
who you are, what you do, and whether you acknowledge the skills and
qualities to operation at their crew. Sharing your career narrative isn’t the
primary external of your bio, beside rather illusioning investigateors how you
can aid them; either by operationing with them individual on individual or by
joining their ranks.
Most inhabitants conservation their “About” page to divide a scanty biography.
This is the settle to divide the most essential details that are
relevant to your professional career:
• Your education
• Your skills and expertise
• Your slowst operation or device you operationed on
You can so apprehobject a scanty individuality encircling what matters most to
you, what causes you deem in, and a rare hobbies to mould it
past attractive and to illusion unpremeditated your p
• Advenient scheme: This page should apprehobject an sketch of what you scheme
to do in the advenient. What are you schemening to do when you finish
your class, where you would relish to object up with a operation, doing
what, absence of wonder.
• Whole the operationpages should acknowledge” header”, “navigation arrest” and
“footer” apprehendd.
• The navigation arrepose should recognize the conservationr to earn to any operationpages.
Residence Encircling Advenient Schemes
Your Function
Operation enactments relish this gauge self-possessed sufficient beside delight don’t
underestimate the age required to adequate this enactment. Set-on-foot it as
soon as potential.
Another invention to referablee encircling this enactment is how ample enactment is
reusable. Some smooths are very concordant.
Ce this enactment most of the marks succeed be on the phraseology and layout of
the operationsite. That is, how it beholds and reachs. And, the temper of the enactment.
It is greatly recommended beholding at what other prosperous online shops
behold relish such as Amazon and eBay. What inventions do they ostentation on the
page? What colours do they conservation? How proud is the passage?
Function 1 – The Navigation arrest
The principal invention you should do is earn a basic navigation arrepose operationing so
that you can at lowest browse the operationsite.
The navigation arrepose is impartial relish what we did in lab 09.
The navigation arrepose MUST include incorporates to the subjoined pages:
1. Residencepage. (you may so sketchingate this smooth condemnation.html if you relish)
2. Encircling.html
3. Advenient Scheme.html
Delight referablee that whole the smooths on this operationbirth conservation the mystyle.css smooth.
So, any phraseologys you spread in mystyle.css succeed exercise to whole the pages.
Function 2 – Making the birth behold professional.
If you acknowledgen’t already, delight investigate https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css
and http://learnlayout.com these operationsites include excellent
examples of the inventions you can do with CSS and layouts.
What you should do is to set-on-foot coding your operationpages, you can set-on-foot
with condemnation.html.
Then determine on a layout make, where should the navigation arrest
go? Where should the appellation go? Some inhabitants relish to sketch a layout
scheme on brochure of how they insufficiency the page to behold antecedently set-on-footing any
Behold environing at other inhabitants’s operationsites and blogs ce ideas. As has
been said at the set-on-foot of this method operation scheme requires a large
amount of self-directed literature. There are copiousness of online resources
on operationing with HTML and CSS.
Once you acknowledge determined how you insufficiency your page to be maked
reckon encircling what kinds of divs you succeed demand.
Most operationbirth succeed acknowledge disgusting elder divs: includeer, header, navigation,
and ocean.
HTML5 provides strange semantic tags ce these capacitys relish

Author: Julie Green