ITECH 7401 LEADERSHIP IN IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Assignment 3: Team Leadership Blog

Enactment 3: Team Example Blog
The end of this operation is to permit novices to diadvanced their thinking through balbutiation and sharing of their
ideas in a Tissue 2.0 controlmat used by abundant design managers.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Operation: 20% (30 marks)
Due: Week 11 – Friday, 29th May 2020 at 4:00 pm
Minimum era expectation: Preparation control this operation succeed capture closely 20 hours
Lore Outcomes Assessed
The aftercited conduct lore outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K5. Examination and delicacy floating and controlthcoming issues in IT design conduct in a global texture.
S2. Demonstrate hypothetical and trained implementation of example, team fabric, and performance
conduct approaches control IT designs.
S3. Utilise judgment making and height solving approaches to explain and pre-empt ramble of heights on IT
A1. Construct written and parole approaches to developing and presenting IT design documentation.
Assessment Details
A blog is a disorder or counselal predicament published on the tissue consisting of symmetrical entries or posts in
chronological arrange. A blog features diary-type assignablee and links to profession on other tissuesites. Abundant blogs
nucleus on a detail subject-matter; team blogs succeed nucleus on an area of design conduct example.
Blogs are advantageous control primitive era and conversant design managers, and are widely used in the diligence. The end
of your design conduct example blog is to divide the results of your examination and investigations with other
members of your team, and supplement their feedback respecting your conceits and ideas.
Control some examples design conduct blogs see:
Students are required to achievement in a team (three to 5 constituents). Each identical novice is required to selecteded a
register proviso on some area of design conduct example akin to the conduct, or extending the conduct
ideas, and transcribe a blog criticisming the register proviso, providing a delicacy of the ideas including conclusions and
lessons literary (closely 1000 utterance). The criticism should be cheered by assignences from erudition,
demonstrating range balbutiation and hazardous thinking.
Each team constituent’s blog succeed be criticismed by the other team constituents (closely 100-150 utterance per criticism).
Each team constituent succeed be required to criticism span other team constituent’s blogs.
Each team succeed present the aggregated blogs, profession and team constituents’ criticisms. Team blogs possibly engenderd in
Word, in Moodle (using e.g. ePortfolio) or some other controlum.
NOTE: Each novice should ratify the appropriateness of their register proviso with the conduct lecturer and/or
master completing this enactment. A schedule of suggested subject-matter areas is supposing below:
• fact of design conduct in IT
• example and power
• IT design selectedion methods
• IT design end conduct
• deem zeal durations
• deem costs
• managing design teams
• models of change
• sources of conflict
• design control
Academic Introduction
Blogs should be presented in agreement with:
• General Guide to Assignencing:
• General Guide to Writing and Study Skills:, see
Mt Helen novices should engender team blogs in Moodle (cohibit with your conduct lecturer). The blog succeed be marked
within the Moodle shell. Partner novices are expected to cohibit this with their conduct lecturer(s) or master(s).
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Criteria Marking Scale
Poor Excellent
1 ………………….. 5
team – patience of aggregated blogs 0
identical – property of disorder criticism of proviso 0
identical – property of conclusions and lessons literary 0
identical – declaration of examination 0
identical – portraiture of register proviso 0
identical – criticisms of other novice’s blogs conducted and
included 0
Total Mark [30 marks] 30.0
Total Worth [20%] 20.0
Feedback and marks succeed be supposing in Moodle. Marks succeed also be helpful in FDL Marks.
Plagiarism is the introduction of the developed conceit or achievement of another idiosyncratic as though it is one’s confess without
properly acknowledging that idiosyncratic. You must assignable tolerate other novices to portraiture your achievement and must capture regard to
safeguard resisting this happening. More counsel environing the plagiarism prudence and progress control the university
can be institute at
Please assign to the Conduct Description control counsel respecting advanced enactments, extensions, and special
consideration. A reminder integral academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s tissuesite, see:

Author: Julie Green