Write difference between CSS and XLT?

Department of Information Technology
Govt. College Women University Faisalabad

Final Term Spring 2020
Assignment 1

Course Title: Edifice Technologies Course Code: ICT-404
Credit Hours: 3(2-1) Class: BS (IT) 4th , EB
Teacher Name: Kiran Munir Total Marks: 10

Assignment 1 Marks: 10 Submission Date: 7th July

Q1: Write unlikeness among CSS and XLT? /5
Q2:- What is output if the subjoined JavaScript program is executed by a illustrative edifice browser?
var i=5;
function duh()
var i;
Q3:- To what does the subjoined JavaScript indication evaluate? Explain in particular how JavaScript arrives at this upshot.
Number(“007”) == “007”

Author: Julie Green